For the week ending 14 January 2012 / 18 Tevet 5772

Meier Sternberg

Library Library Library

Sydney, Australia
Swinburne University

Currently a student in the Main Beit Midrash

Step-by-step growth has been bringing Meier Sternberg closer to his goals every day. This one-time Building Design major started off separating milk and meat and was soon studying the details of candy gelatin. After his “experiment” with keeping an entire Yom Tov, something sparked. Shortly thereafter, he vowed to never work on Shabbat again and kashered his kitchen.

When he first came to Ohr Somayach he was overwhelmed by all of Torah he had never seen before, but the Rabbis “can take a man from nowhere and make him a ben Torah. No other environment is as conducive to growth as Ohr.” Learning has become a part of his identity: “The thrill of learning can never get old. It’s always new, and there’s always more.” Meier looks up at the edifice of Torah, knowing that the right effort in the right environment makes the impossible possible, thanks to G-d’s help and His team at Ohr Somayach.

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