For the week ending 17 December 2011 / 20 Kislev 5772

Daniel K.

Library Library Library

Seattle, Washington
Thomas Edison State College

Currently a student in the Intermediate Beit Midrash

Take one part Buddah, one part Conservadish, a touch of Rabbi Akiva Tatz, a splash of Zionism, and stir it all up with an Eishet Chayil, and you start to get a taste of Daniel. Still, this former Nachal Charedi soldier is far beyond generalization.

He has always found the “Yad Hashem” in life, from his smallest acupuncture needles to his new baby boy’s biggest uh-ohs. When he and his wife first noticed Divine Providence taking them to Eretz Israel, his prayers along with her planning planted the seed of what would soon be a budding Torah scholar. Daniel left behind his quick “podcast Torah” for Ohr Somayach’s make-it-last Torah. He feels that moving to Israel and learning at Ohr —with his wife’s complete encouragement — synced-up his physical and spiritual life. Ohr Somayach has turned him into a “ruchnius factory,” and his praise and thanks for the tools that the Yeshiva has given him would make even a Buddah blush.

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