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For the week ending 19 January 2019 / 13 Shevat 5779

Nails vs. Tape

by Rabbi Ze'ev Kraines
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Q: Last night, after midnight, when the movers finally left, we remembered that we needed to put up our mezuzahs! We couldn’t find the double-sided tape, so we put up the mezuzahs with scotch tape and mounting putty. We said the berachot as well. Did we do the right thing?

A: Ideally, the mezuzah should be affixed with two nails, top and bottom, or with double-sided tape strong enough to last for a long time. Scotch tape and mounting putty are not appropriate, as they are less permanent.

Even so, your mitzvah was performed according to a minimal standard, and your berachot were not recited in vain. Nevertheless, you should make sure to put them up properly as soon as possible, without reciting a new beracha.

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