For the week ending 6 October 2012 / 19 Tishri 5773


by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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Succot is a very unique holiday with a special significance for Jews in Israel today.

The original succot were the clouds of glory that protected our ancestors from the harsh climate in the wilderness. It is impossible for us to duplicate such a Heavenly shield, so the Torah commands us to build succot from earthly material in order to recall that miracle.

As Israel faces the threat of a nuclear Iran and incessant terrorist activity, living and eating in our succot reminds us that we were once privileged to enjoy the protection of those Heavenly succot. When a Jew enters his man-made succah he must feel as though he is entering the best shelter available. By fulfilling this mitzvah and putting our faith in G-d we can hope that we will be worthy of the Heavenly protection which will shelter Israel forever.

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