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For the first time ever, we're proud to introduce the:


  • Grew up Frum, but never knew why you should be religious?

  • Kept Shabbos, but couldn't wait for it to end?

  • Learning Gemara, but just going through the motions?

The New OS RENEWAL PROGRAM might be your ticket to get back on track!

  • Small Classes

  • Approachable Rabbis

  • Nonjudgmental Environment

  • Explore the country with fun and inspiration

  • Classes and Q&A with World-Renowned Rabbi Breitowiz

  • Talk about topics that are forbidden to discuss in other places

Ages 20-30

Only $12,500 per semester ($24,000 for the year)

A limited number of grants for up to 20% off are available.

For more details, call, message or WhatsApp:
Rabbi Mandel @ +972-52-384-8095

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