Living up to The Truth


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Living Up to the Truth - The Controversy

    I am grateful to Ephraim Rubin for his thoughtful review of my book. His comments show careful reading and, for the most part, accurate understanding. Some of his comments identify real errors that require me to change my position. Some identify clumsy or incomplete expression that requires supplementation and clarification. Some are based upon a misunderstanding of my position or mistakes of fact or logic. Which his which will be made clear in my replies below.

    The text of my book that Rubin used is three years old. It was, and still is, a work in progress. Since it is available to the public at the Ohr Somayach website, it is of course appropriate that reviews be written and publicized. Some of the errors that Rubin identifies have already been corrected in the newer version that is not yet available to the public. Others require new revisions.

    Rubin peppers his writing with gratuitous insults, including accusations of deception. This is common in critical book reviews. It makes for exciting reading and primes the audience to look forward to an entertaining fight. I decline. The importance of the material is surely enough to hold the reader's interest.

Click Here if you are interested in reading Ephriam Rubin's review (Chocolate Philosophy) of Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb's Living Up to the Truth with Rabbi Gottlieb's response. (110 kb)
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