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Parsha Q&A

Parshas Vayishlach

For the week ending 16 Kislev 5756; 8 & 9 December 1995

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  • Parsha Questions

    Answers | Contents
    1. Who did Yaakov send to Esav in Se'ir?
    2. Why was Yaakov both "afraid" and "distressed"?
    3. How did Yaakov prepare for his encounter with Esav?
    4. Hashem had promised Yaakov that He would protect him. Why was Yaakov afraid of Esav?
    5. During Yaakov's encounter with Esav, where was Dinah?
    6. With whom did Yaakov wrestle?
    7. What injury did Yaakov sustain?
    8. What was the angel forced to do before Yaakov agreed to release him?
    9. Why did Esav embrace Yaakov?
    10. Why did Yosef stand between Esav and Rachel?
    11. What happened to the four hundred men that accompanied Esav?
    12. What did Shimon and Levi do wrong when they killed the people of Shechem?
    13. Why does the Torah mention the death of Devorah?
    14. Which two kings were from the tribe of Binyamin?
    15. Rachel died when she gave birth to Binyamin and who else?
    16. In verse 35:22, why does the Torah state, "The sons of Yaakov were twelve?"
    17. How old was Yaakov when Yosef was sold?
    18. Esav changed the name of his wife, Ahalivamah, to Yehudis. Why?
    19. Which three categories of people have their sins pardoned?
    20. Why did Esav leave Eretz Canaan?

    Bonus Question
    Why did the guardian angel of Esav dislocate Yaakov's hip?

    I Did Not Know That!

    "And Hashem said, "Arise, go to Bethel... and make there an altar... Then Yaakov said to his household... purify yourselves and change your garments" (35:1-2).
    From here we learn that before a person prays to Hashem, he should be sure that his body and clothing are clean.
    Ibn Ezra

    Recommended Reading List

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    The Gid Hanashe
    The Journey to Seir
    Rivka's Death
    Rachel's Tomb

    Strategy of the Gifts
    The Wrestling Match
    Yaakov's Injury
    The Gid Hanashe
    Surviving Esav
    The Guilt of Shechem
    The Meaning of Yaakov's Name
    The Power of Repentance

    Sefer HaChinuch
    The Gid Hanashe

    Answers to this Week's Questions

    Questions | Contents

    All references are to the verses and Rashi's commentary, unless otherwise stated

    1. 32:4 - Angels (not human messengers).
    2. 32:8 - He was afraid he would be killed. He was distressed that he would have to kill.
    3. 32:9 - He sent gifts, he prayed, and he prepared for war.
    4. 32:11 - Yaakov was worried that perhaps he had sinned and forfeited Hashem's protection.
    5. 32:23 - Yaakov locked her in a chest so that Esav wouldn't see her and want to marry her.
    6. 32:25 - With Esav's guardian angel.
    7. 32:26 - His hip was dislocated.
    8. 32:27 - Admit that the blessings given by Yitzchak rightfully belong to Yaakov.
    9. 33:4 - His pity was aroused when he saw Yaakov bowing to him so many times.
    10. 34:7 - He wanted to prevent Esav from gazing at his mother.
    11. 34:16 - They slipped away one by one.
    12. 34:25 - They acted without consulting their father.
    13. 35:8 - Because she was sent to call Yaakov to come home, and died along the way. Also, her death coincided with the death of Rivka.
    14. 35:11 - Shaul and Ishboshes.
    15. 35:17 - Binyamin and two twin sisters.
    16. 35:22 - To stress that they were all equally righteous.
    17. 35:29 - One hundred and eight.
    18. 35:2 - To fool Yitzchak into thinking that she had abandoned idolatry.
    19. 36:3 - One who converts, one who is elevated to a position of leadership, and one who marries.
    20. 36:7 - He was ashamed for having sold his birthright.

    Bonus Question
    Yaakov bought the birthright from Esav in order to serve as a Kohen and bring sacrifices to Hashem. This sale was an embarrassment to Esav. Esav's guardian angel wished to dislocate Yaakov's hip because this is one of the blemishes that disqualifies a Kohen from bringing sacrifices.
    Baal HaTurim

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