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Parsha Q&A

Parshas Miketz

For the week ending 30 Kislev 5756; 22 & 23 December 1995

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  • Parsha Questions

    Answers | Contents
    1. From where did Egypt receive its water supply?
    2. How did Pharaoh's recollection of his dream differ from Nevuchadnetzar's recollection of his dream?
    3. Why was Yosef's hair cut before appearing in Pharaoh's presence?
    4. What was the meaning of the lean cows swallowing the fat cows?
    5. What was the significance of Pharoah's dreaming two dreams about the same event?
    6. What is the rank of the holder of the king's ring?
    7. Whom did Yosef marry?
    8. How many sons did Yosef have? What were their names?
    9. What happened to the Egyptians' grain that was stored in anticipation of the famine?
    10. What did Yosef require the Egyptians to do before he would sell grain to them?
    11. Why did Yaakov use the word "redu" - go down - and not "lechu" - go - when telling his sons to go to Egypt?
    12. Why didn't the brothers recognize Yosef?
    13. Under what pretext did Yosef accuse his brothers of being spies?
    14. Why did the brothers enter the city through different gates?
    15. When did Yosef swear by "the life of Pharaoh"?
    16. Who was Yosef's interpreter?
    17. Why did Yosef place Shimon in prison?
    18. Which of the brothers found money in his sack first?
    19. When did Yehuda approach Yaakov about bringing Binyamin to Egypt?
    20. For whom did Binyamin name his ten children?

    Bonus Question
    In verse 43:34, Rashi states that from the time of the sale of Yosef, neither Yosef nor his brothers had drunk wine. However, at this present meal they all drank wine, although the brothers didn't know Yosef's identity. So, why did they drink wine?

    I Did Not Know That!

    There is a hint in Parshas Miketz that Yehoshua ben Nun and Calev ben Yefuneh would not in the future join in the conspiracy of the "meraglim" - spies - in Parshas Shlach Lecha:

    Yosef said, "You are meraglim" (42:9), meaning, "you, and not I," because Yehoshua is a descendant of Yosef and did not join the meraglim in the desert.

    "Lo hayu (not true)," they denied (42:11). "Lo hayu" has the numerical value of the name Calev, who also did not join the spies.

    Ba'al HaTurim.

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    The Magicians' Failure
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    Answers to this Week's Questions

    Questions | Contents

    All references are to the verses and Rashi's commentary, unless otherwise stated

    1. 41:1 - The Nile River flowed into a series of canals, providing water for the country.
    2. 41:8 - Pharaoh remembered the contents of his dream but didn't know its meaning. Nevuchadnetzar forgot even the contents of his dream.
    3. 41:14 - Out of respect for the king.
    4. 41:30 - During the years of famine, the years of plenty would be forgotten.
    5. 41:32 - The dreams were repeated to show that the seven good years would start immediately.
    6. 41:42 - He is second in rank to the king.
    7. 41:45 - Osnat, the daughter of Potiphar.
    8. 41:50-52 - Two sons, Ephraim and Menashe.
    9. 41:55 - It rotted.
    10. 41:55 - Become circumcised.
    11. 42:2 - As a hint to the fact that they would be in Egypt 210 years ("redu" in gematria is 210).
    12. 42:8 - When Yosef was sold he did not have a beard.
    13. 42:12 - They entered the city through ten different gates rather than through one gate.
    14. 42:13 - To search for Yosef throughout the city.
    15. 42:15 - When he wished to swear falsely.
    16. 42:23 - Menashe.
    17. 42:24 - To separate him from Levi, because together they posed a danger to him.
    18. 42:27 - Levi.
    19. 43:2 - When the grain they had purchased in Egypt was finished.
    20. 43:30 - For Yosef.

    Bonus Question
    The brothers were perplexed about Yosef's intention. They thought, "Yesterday Yosef said we were spies, and today he wants to dine with us!" They thought that Yosef suspected them of being spies, and was trying to get them drunk so that they would accidentally reveal their spy-identities. If they wouldn't drink, this would support his suspicion that they were concealing something. Therefore, they felt that the only way to clear themselves was to drink, and when it was clear that they weren't hiding anything they would no longer be suspect.
    Gur Aryeh

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