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Based in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people, J101 is a ten month program open to male Jewish university students and young professionals, who have the desire to explore Judaism in depth. J101 will demonstrate how exciting and relevant Judaism can be in the 21st century. No prior religious background or commitment is required.




Connect with some of the most brilliant minds in the Jewish world: rabbis, academics, scientists, business leaders, and more.

Using the timeless values of Judaism - discover your inner self, search for meaning and forge your future path.

Learn how to become a "mover and shaker" in your community.

Program Dates: Sep. 9, 2024 - June 26, 2025
(Option of one semester is available)

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The Program


These ten months will give you tools to help you be successful for the next ten years and beyond.

  • Jewish Learning

    Mornings are devoted to exploring classical Jewish texts, sharing ideas, debates and discussion. Learn to think Jewishly, how Judaism relates to you and society, and how Judaism applies to the 21st century.

  • Explore Israel

    See the sights and sounds of Israel as never before and engage with Israel rich and diverse culture and history. Bond with the land and the people of Israel.

  • Social Action

    Help Holocaust survivors, underprivileged children and Israel's needy through various volunteer options and charity projects. Take a first aid response course.

  • Self-Development

    Afternoons are devoted to seminars on self-development and growth. Connect with mentors who will help you maximize your individual skills. Participate in workshops on interpersonal skills, self-confidence, attitude, public speaking, and more.

  • Learn the Language

    Learn conversational Hebrew in an intensive six-week ulpan, and learn to understand Jewish sources in their original form.

  • Advance Your Career

    Do a three month* part-time quality international internship in your field that will give you a competitive edge in achieving your career goals. Get career guidance and tips benefit from extensive networking opportunities.
    *For J101 only

Available Scholarships


The full cost of the program is $20,000.
Scholarships are available to completely cover:

Roundtrip Airline ticket from NY Scholarship*

Room and Board Scholarship*

Tuition Scholarship*

Up to $4,000 fellowship stipend*

Additionally, it is possible to earn up to 30 university credits through Excelsior College (based on fulfilling their requirements)

*For eligible participants

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Limited to a maximum of ten participants who will enjoy ten action-packed months

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