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For the week ending 14 February 2009 / 20 Shevat 5769

Yarcha Tomb of King David's Secret Agent

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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The rebellion of Avshalom against his father King David ended in failure thanks to the clever action of Chushai Ha'arki, whose tomb is located in the village of Yarcha in western Galilee.

When Avshalom took counsel from Achitofel on how to overcome his father's forces it was Chushai, who had been secretly planted by David in his son's court, who countered his advice with a plan that eventually led to the crushing of the rebellion.

It is reported that Rabbi Chayim ben Attar, author of the Ohr Hachayim commentary on the Torah, visited Chushai's grave in 1742 together with his disciples. They studied the plots concerning David and all of Tehillim.

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