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For the week ending 15 March 2008 / 8 Adar II 5768

Timnat Serach (Cheress) Amalek's Conqueror

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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On this Shabbat Zachor when Jews read in their synagogues about the first clash between our people and their Amalekite enemies, it is fitting to take note of the general who led our ancestors to victory.

Yehoshua bin Nun, the devoted disciple and successor of Moshe, is buried in Timnat Serach, which is on the Trans-Samaria Highway next to Ariel. The other name for this site — Cheress — is a reference to the image of the sun etched on the tombstone of this great leader who succeeded in having G-d stop the sun at Gibeon so that he could complete his military triumph over his Emorite enemies.

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