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For the week ending 1 March 2008 / 24 Adar I 5768

Mash'had Tomb of Prophet Yonah

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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The Prophet Yonah is familiar to us mostly because the entire Book of Yonah is read at the Mincha service on Yom Kippur. Where he is buried is a matter of dispute with sites as varied as Zippori, Kfar Kanah, Hebron, Halhul, Kfar Azza, Tiberias, Ashdod and Mosul in Iraq mentioned as possibilities.

Rabbi Chayim ben Altar, author of the Ohr Hachayim commentary on Chumash, is reported to have said that when he lived in Peki'in he visited the tomb of Yonah in Kfar Mash'had. This village lies between the Beit Rimon junction and Nazareth and an Arab mosque marks the assumed location of the prophet's tomb.

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