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For the week ending 10 March 2012 / 15 Adar I 5772

A Reincarnated Haman

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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The week in which Jews throughout the world celebrate Purim is a time for recalling the danger our people faced when a Persian enemy threatened to destroy all the Jews in 127 kingdoms of Achashveirosh. It is also a time for reflecting on the danger facing Jews in Israel because of the threat posed by a modern version of Haman feverishly working to achieve nuclear capability.

We watch with anxiety the debate among the nations of the world, which are also fearful of Iran, as to whether sanctions are sufficient to deter the Iranians from developing nuclear weapons or there is a need to take preemptive military action. But we can take comfort by recalling that neither sanctions nor air strikes brought an end to the genocidal plot of Haman. It was the fasting, praying and repenting inspired by Mordechai and Esther which brought about a miraculous salvation.

It is hoped that hearing the reading of the Megillah account of that miracle and its catalyst will inspire our people today to take the same steps which save Israel forever.

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