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For the week ending 3 December 2011 / 6 Kislev 5772

When It Is Easy

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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"The ground upon which you are lying, to you will I give it and to your descendants." (Bereishet 28:13)

This was the Divine promise to the Patriarch Yaakov that his people would inherit the entire land which He miraculously folded under his resting place.

Our Sages see this as a way of communicating to Yaakov that Eretz Yisrael will be conquered by his descendants as easily as one takes possession of the four cubits of land upon which he rested.

The fulfillment of this promise was the miraculous manner in which Yehoshua led his people to an easy triumph over the 31 kings and their armies who lived in the land promised to the Patriarchs.

In our own times we have witnessed the difficulties involved in returning to our land and in living in security. This must be seen in the light of the words in this week's Torah portion which precede the above-mentioned promise: "I am the L-rd, G-d of Avraham your father and G-d of Yitzchak."

Only when Jews properly relate to the G-d of our forefathers can they look forward to inheriting with miraculous ease a secure Israel forever.

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