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For the week ending 26 February 2011 / 21 Adar I 5771

Enough and Not Enough

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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Did you ever hear of a synagogue, yeshiva or charitable organization tell the public to stop giving because they have enough?

Well, that is what happened during the construction of the Mishkan Sanctuary, as we read in this week's Torah portion:

"All the wise people came… and they said to Moshe 'The people are bringing more than enough for the labor of the work that G-d has commanded to perform’.” (Shmot 35:4-5)

The enthusiasm of our ancestors for building the Mishkan was so great that Moshe had to actually command them to stop bringing gifts.

In a time when religious institutions are struggling for economic survival, it would be nice if we could see people giving so much that they would have to be told "Enough!"

Perhaps the shortage of funds from which these institutions suffer is a failure to appreciate that the places of Torah study and public prayer are the Sanctuaries of our day and their maintenance is what will preserve the People of Israel forever.

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