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For the week ending 22 January 2011 / 16 Shevat 5771

Saving Shabbat

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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"Remember the Day of Shabbat to keep it holy."

The fourth of the Ten Commandments heard by our ancestors at Sinai will be repeated this Shabbat in synagogues throughout the world.

ArtScroll / Mesorah Publications, the world's largest Jewish publishing house, recently made an announcement which reaffirms the loyalty of observant Jews to Shabbat. While launching an historic project of digitizing its 1500 titles, ArtScroll will refrain from doing the same for its most popular books – its Shabbat and High Holy Days prayer books. The reason – to observe the prohibition against using electronic devices on Shabbat.

ArtScroll's action should serve as a reminder to many Jews who have almost completely forgotten what Shabbat is all about. A national reawakening to the observance of this holy day, our Sages tell us, could make us worthy of our ultimate redemption and a peaceful and prosperous Israel forever.

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