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For the week ending 4 December 2010 / 26 Kislev 5771

Halfhearted Benefactor

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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"Cursed are the wicked for their favors are so deficient." (Rashi on Bereishet 41:12)

This is the observation of the midrash cited by Rashi in regard to the statement of the Chamberlain of the Cupbearers when he revealed to Pharaoh the dream interpretation power of Yosef. He described Yosef as a "Hebrew" (who does not speak our language), a "youth" (who is not wise enough for authority), and a "slave" (who is disqualified by Egyptian law from ruling or wearing the vestments of authority).

All of this while purportedly fulfilling his promise to help free Yosef from prison in return for his lifesaving interpretation of his own dream.

Israel today is also suffering from the deficient praise of those who purport to be her benefactors. The praise received for making unwarranted concessions to the Palestinians is hardly a compensation for the pressure which forces the Israeli government to act against its best interests.

But just as that damning with praise did not succeed in thwarting Yosef's rise to power, so will Heaven help us survive the pressures of our halfhearted benefactors and secure Israel forever.

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