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For the week ending 26 June 2010 / 13 Tammuz 5770

A Shield of Faith

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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At a time when so many harsh words are heard throughout the world in condemnation of Israel, there is an important lesson for Jews to learn from this week's Torah portion.

The heathen prophet Bilaam, on his way to curse the children of Israel, had his path blocked three times by a Heavenly angel. Rashi cites the midrash which states that this alludes to the three pilgrimages made by Jews every year to the Beit Hamikdashfor celebration of the Festivals. This was a subtle message to the potential curser that a people with such faith in G-d that they were capable of leaving their homes and fields without protection in order to serve their Creator would not be vulnerable to his malediction.

May our cursers of today also realize that our faith in G-d will protect us from them and secure Israel forever.

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