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For the week ending 16 February 2008 / 10 Adar I 5768

Clothes Make the Princess

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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"Clothes make the man."

This slogan of the garment industry will certainly come to mind this Shabbat as we hear in the Torah reading the stress that was placed on the details of the sacred garments worn by the kohanim. Those garments not only identified the wearers as do uniforms in secular life but also exerted a mystical influence on those chosen to perform the Sanctuary service for the nation.

If clothes of dignity are important for men, this is even more important in regard to women. One of the disappointing features of secular society in Israel and elsewhere is the lack of appreciation by Jewish women of the need to dress in modest fashion. The Torah teaches us that the Divine Presence that protects us from our enemies departs from us when immodesty prevails.

It is to be hoped that the message of this week's Torah portion that clothes make the man will inspire women to appreciate that clothes not only make the woman but transform her into a princess whose royal modesty will help protect Israel forever.

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