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For the week ending 24 November 2007 / 14 Kislev 5768

Annapolis Dj vu

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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As Israel prepares for the historic meeting of nations in Annapolis we cannot help recalling the preparations made by the Patriarch Yaakov for his critical meeting with his archenemy Esav.

Jews throughout the world will this Shabbat hear the reading of the weekly Torah portion that describes these preparations.

Diplomacy was certainly one of those preparations and it came in the form of lavish presents and expressions of submissive humility. Backing up this effort was a preparedness to wage war for survival.

Both of these steps are certainly being taken by Israel's leaders. While there may be sharp differences in Israel about how many concessions must be made because of American pressure, there is certainly a consensus that negotiations must be tried before resorting to arms.

It is the third component of Yaakov's preparations that is perhaps missing. Our forefather realized that ultimately his survival depended on Heavenly assistance and so he prayed to G-d to save him from Esav's murderous intentions.

It is hoped that the prayers of all Jews concerned with the security of Israel will protect the Jewish State from setbacks in Annapolis and will gain Heavenly protection for Israel forever.

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