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For the week ending 10 November 2007 / 29 Heshvan 5768

The Voice and the Hands

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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"The voice is the voice of Yaakov but the hands are the hands of Eisav."

This is the statement of perplexity uttered by our blind forefather Yitzchak when Yaakov disguised himself as his evil brother by outfitting himself with hairy clothing. Our Sages saw in this statement a prophecy about the future of the descendants of both brothers.

"So long as the voice of Yaakov is heard praying and studying Torah in the synagogues and study halls," say our Sages, "the hands of their enemies represented by Eisav cannot harm them."

This is the lifesaving formula for Jewry. History, ancient and modern, has shown that the security of our people cannot depend solely on military might. Those responsible for defending the Jewish state against the forces wishing to destroy it should therefore see in the synagogues and yeshivot their most vital resource for securing Israel forever.

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