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For the week ending 25 November 2006 / 4 Kislev 5767

Giving and Giving Again

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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When the Patriarch Yitzchak blessed his son Yaakov he began with the words "And He shall give you" which our Sages interpret as meaning that "G-d shall give you and continue to give you."

But why bless him with the need for receiving continued blessings rather than have him enjoy a massive one-time showering of prosperity which would last him for a lifetime?

The answer lies in a midrashic parable about a king who used to give his sons yearly living allowances. When he realized that they came to visit him only when the time came for receiving these handouts, he began distributing his largess on a weekly basis so that his sons would visit him more often. Yaakov and all his descendants are the children of the King of Kings Who desires their attention and "gives and continues to give" so that they will constantly be turning to Him.

This is true in regard to security matters as it is to economic ones. Every momentary setback we suffer as a people in our Land must be viewed as another opportunity to appreciate the deliverance which Heaven provides to guarantee our survival.

It is this perspective of dependence upon our Heavenly Father which will secure Israel forever.

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