The 613 Mitzvos

The Rambam's listing
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The 613 Mitzvot as listed by the Rambam

Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, the Rambam or Maimonides, was one of the first codifiers of Jewish law. His fourteen volume Mishneh Torah ("The Yad Hachazakah") covers all of Jewish law, belief and practice. He divides the 613 Mitzvot (commandments) into 14 books, with 83 sections.

(Please note: the first number on the left is the number of commandments out of the total 613 commandments, and the second number is the number of commandments in the current section.)


    The laws concerning religious belief, character, Torah study,idolatry, and repentance.

    5 Sections, 75 Mitzvot

    Section I - Torah Foundations [10 Mitzvot]

  1.     1. Know there is G-d
  2.     2. Don't believe in any other
  3.     3. Know that He is One
  4.     4. Love Him
  5.     5. Fear Him
  6.     6. Sanctify His Name
  7.     7. Don't profane His Name
  8.     8. Don't destroy things bearing His Name
  9.     9. Listen to a prophet
  10.    10. Don't test Him too much

    Section II - Character [11 Mitzvot]

  11.     1. Emulate the Almighty
  12.     2. Cleave to those who know Him
  13.     3. Love Fellow Jews
  14.     4. Love proselytes
  15.     5. Don't hate your brothers
  16.     6. Reprove
  17.     7. Don't embarrass another
  18.     8. Don't oppress the weak
  19.     9. Don't gossip
  20.    10. Don't take revenge
  21.    11. Don't bear a grudge

    Section III - Learn Torah [2 Mitzvot]

  22.     1. Learn Torah
  23.     2. Honor those who know Torah

    Section IV - Idol Worship [51 Mitzvot]

  24.     1. Don't inquire into idol worship
  25.     2. Don't follow your desires
  26.     3. Don't blaspheme
  27.     4. Don't worship idols in the way they are worshipped
  28.     5. Don't worship idols in the four ways we worship G-d
  29.     6. Don't make an idol for yourself
  30.     7. Don't make an idol for others
  31.     8. Don't make a statue of a man
  32.     9. Don't turn many people to idol worship
  33.    10. Burn a city that has turned to idol worship
  34.    11. Don't rebuild it as city
  35.    12. Don't derive any benefit from it
  36.    13. Don't turn one person to idol worship
  37.    14. Don't love the person that turns you to idol worship
  38.    15. Don't abandon this hatred
  39.    16. Don't try to save him
  40.    17. Don't say anything in his defense
  41.    18. Don't refrain from incriminating him
  42.    19. Don't prophecy in the name of an idol
  43.    20. Don't listen to such a prophet
  44.    21. Don't prophesy falsely, even in G-d's name
  45.    22. Don't be afraid to kill a false prophet
  46.    23. Don't swear in the name of idols
  47.    24. Don't perform act of "ov" (medium)
  48.    25. Don't perform act of "yidoni" (magical seer)
  49.    26. Don't pass children through flame to molach
  50.    27. Don't erect a structure for people to gather at
  51.    28. Don't bow down on smoothed stone
  52.    29. Don't plant a tree n the sanctuary
  53.    30. Destroy idols and accessories
  54.    31. Don't derive any benefit from man-made idols
  55.    32. Don't derive any benefit from natural objects served as idols
  56.    33. Don't make a covenant with idol worshippers
  57.    34. Don't show favor towards them
  58.    35. Don't let them stay in our land
  59.    36. Don't go in their fashion
  60.    37. Don't be superstitious
  61.    38. Don't go into a trance for foreseeing
  62.    39. Don't engage in astrology
  63.    40. Don't utter magic chants
  64.    41. Don't try to make contact with the dead
  65.    42. Don't consult "ov"
  66.    43. Don't consult "yidoni"
  67.    44. Don't do magic
  68.    45. Don't round your head (side-burns)
  69.    46. Don't destroy your beard with razor
  70.    47. Don't (men) wear women's clothes
  71.    48. Don't (women) wear men's clothes
  72.    49. Don't tattoo your skin
  73.    50. Don't tear your skin in mourning
  74.    51. Don't pull out your hair in mourning

    Section V - Repentance [1 Mitzvah]

  75.     1. To repent and confess sins


    Recital of the Shma Yisrael, prayer, tefillin, mezuza, Torah scroll, tzitzit, blessings, and circumcision.

    6 Sections, 11 Mitzvot

    Section I - Recital of Shema [1 Mitzvah]

  76.     1. Say Shema twice a day

    Section II - Prayer [2 Mitzvot]

  77.     1. Pray to G-d each day
  78.     2. (The Kohanim) Bless the People of Israel daily

    Section III - Tefillin [5 Mitzvot]

  79.     1. Wear Tefillin on the head
  80.     2. Wear Tefillin on the arm
  81.     3. Put up a Mezuza on doorposts
  82.     4. Write a Sefer Torah for yourself
  83.     5. A king to write a second Sefer

    Section IV - Tzitzis [1 Mitzvah]

  84.     1. To wear Tzitzis fringes on garments

    Section V - Blessings [1 Mitzvah]

  85.     1. Bless His Name after meals

    Section VI - Circumcision [1 Mitzvah]

  86.     1. To circumcise sons on eighth day


    BOOK III TIMES (Seasons)
    The Shabbat, Yom Kippur, holidays, New Moon, and fast days.

    10 Sections, 35 Mitzvot

    Section I - Laws of Sabbath [5 Mitzvot]

  87.     1. Rest on the Sabbath
  88.     2. Don't do any work
  89.     3. Don't punish on the Sabbath
  90.     4. Don't go out of the boundaries of the city
  91.     5. Sanctify the day with words of remembrance

    Section II - Laws of Eruvin (of Rabbinic Origin only)

    Section III - Laws of Yom Kippur [4 Mitzvot]

  92.     1. Rest on Yom Kippur
  93.     2. Don't do any work
  94.     3. Fast
  95.     4. Don't eat or drink

    Section IV - Laws of Yom Tov [12 Mitzvot]

  96.     1. Rest on the 1st day of Passover
  97.     2. Don't do any work
  98.     3. Rest on the 7th day of Passover
  99.     4. Don't don any work
  100.     5. Rest on Shavuos
  101.     6. Don't do any work
  102.     7. Rest on Rosh Hashana
  103.     8. Don't do any work
  104.     9. Rest first day Succos
  105.    10. Don't do any work
  106.    11. Rest eighth day Succos
  107.    12. Don't do any work

    Section V - Laws of Passover [8 Mitzvot]

  108.     1. Don't eat chametz 14th day from noon on
  109.     2. Destroy chametz on 14th day
  110.     3. Don't eat chametz 7 days of Passover
  111.     4. Don't eat mixture of chametz
  112.     5. Don't allow chametz to be seen in your possession
  113.     6. Don't allow chametz to be found in your possession
  114.     7. Eat Matzah on eve of 15th
  115.     8. Tell of Exodus that night

    Section VI - Shofar, Succah, Lulav [3 Mitzvot]

  116.     1. Hear blowing of Shofar on Rosh Hashana
  117.     2. Dwell in Succah during Succos
  118.     3. Take up Lulav on Succos

    Section VII - Shekalim [1 Mitzvah]

  119.     1. To give half-shekel annually for sanctuary

    Section VIII - New Moon [1 Mitzvah]

  120.     1. To calculate and determine start of each month

    Section IX - Fasts [1 Mitzvah]

  121.     1. To fast and cry out in troubled times

    Section X - Megillah and Chanukah (of Rabbinic Origin only)


    Marriage, divorce, seduction, and infidelity.

    5 Sections, 17 Mitzvot

    Section I - Laws of Marriage [4 Mitzvot]

  122.     1. Take a wife through Kiddushin and Ketubah
  123.     2. Don't have relations with a woman not thus married
  124.     3. Don't withhold food, clothing and relations from wife
  125.     4. Have children with wife

    Section II - Divorce [2 Mitzvot]

  126.     1. Divorce with a Get document
  127.     2. Don't remarry your divorcee after she marries another

    Section III - Laws of a Widow [3 Mitzvot]

  128.     1. Do Yibum: Marry childless widowed brother's wife
  129.     2. Do Chalitzah (when Yibum not desired)
  130.     3. Don't (this childless widow) marry another while still bound to husband's brother

    Section IV - Laws of Young Maidens [5 Mitzvot]

  131.     1. Fine seducers
  132.     2. Marry maiden that he coerced
  133.     3. Don't divorce her
  134.     4. Slanderer to keep his wife forever
  135.     5. Don't divorce her

    Section V - Laws of Suspect Wife [3 Mitzvot]

  136.     1. Carry out Torah Law of suspect wife.
  137.     2. Don't put oil on her sacrifice
  138.     3. Don't put incense on her sacrifice


    Illicit sexual relations, forbidden foods, and ritual slaughter.

    3 Sections, 70 Mitzvot

    Section I - Laws of Forbidden Sexual Relationships [37 Mitzvot]

  139.     1. Don't have relations with mother
  140.     2. Don't have relations with father's wife
  141.     3. Don't have relations with sister
  142.     4. Don't have relations with father's wife's daughter
  143.     5. Don't have relations with son's daughter
  144.     6. Don't have relations with daughter
  145.     7. Don't have relations with daughter's daughter
  146.     8. Don't take as a wife a woman and her daughter
  147.     9. Don't take as a wife a woman and her son's daughter
  148.    10. Don't take as a wife a woman and her daughter's daughter
  149.    11. Don't have relations with father's sister
  150.    12. Don't have relations with mother's sister
  151.    13. Don't have relations with father's brother's wife
  152.    14. Don't have relations with son's wife
  153.    15. Don't have relations with brother's wife
  154.    16. Don't have relations with wife's sister
  155.    17. Don't (man) have relations with a beast
  156.    18. Don't (woman) have relations with a beast
  157.    19. Don't have homosexual relations
  158.    20. Don't have homosexual relations with father
  159.    21. Don't have homosexual relations with father's brother
  160.    22. Don't have relations with another man's wife
  161.    23. Don't have relations with any woman while she is menstrually impure
  162.    24. Don't intermarry with gentiles
  163.    25. Don't let an Ammonite or Moabite marry into us
  164.    26. Don't prevent a 3rd generation Egyptian from marrying into us
  165.    27. Don't prevent a 3rd generation Edomite from marrying into us
  166.    28. Don't let a mamzer marry into us
  167.    29. Don't let a eunuch marry into us
  168.    30. Don't castrate a male, even an animal
  169.    31. Don't - a High Priest - marry a widow
  170.    32. Don't - a High Priest - have relations with a widow, even out of marriage
  171.    33. A High Priest shall marry a virgin in her maidenhood
  172.    34. Don't - a priest - marry a divorced woman
  173.    35. Don't - a priest - marry a zonah (one who had relations with heathen or relative)
  174.    36. Don't - a priest - marry a chalalah (the party to or product of relations forbidden to priest)
  175.    37. Don't have close contact with forbidden women

    Section II - Forbidden Foods [28 Mitzvot]

  176.     1. Examine the marks of the beast to distinguish clean from unclean
  177.     2. Examine marks of fowl (to distinguish clean from unclean)
  178.     3. Examine marks of Locust (to distinguish clean from unclean)
  179.     4. Examine marks of Fish (to distinguish clean from unclean)
  180.     5. Don't eat the unclean beasts
  181.     6. Don't eat the unclean fowl
  182.     7. Don't eat the unclean fish
  183.     8. Don't eat winged creeping things
  184.     9. Don't eat things that creep on earth
  185.    10. Don't eat vermin that creep on earth
  186.    11. Don't eat a worm found in fruit after it has emerged on the ground
  187.    12. Don't eat creeping things of the water
  188.    13. Don't eat the flesh of a beast that died without slaughter
  189.    14. Don't benefit from on ox condemned to be stoned
  190.    15. Don't eat the flesh of a Treifah beast
  191.    16. Don't eat a limb of a beast removed while it was alive
  192.    17. Don't eat blood
  193.    18. Don't eat Chelev (certain fat) of a clean animal
  194.    19. Don't eat the sinew of the thigh-vein
  195.    20. Don't eat meat with milk
  196.    21. Don't cook it with milk
  197.    22. Don't eat bread make of new grain (before Omer offered)
  198.    23. Don't eat parched corn of the new produce (before...)
  199.    24. Don't eat fresh ears of corn (before...)
  200.    25. Don't eat Orlah (fruit from tree under 3 years. old)
  201.    26. Don't eat produce of diverse seeds sown in a vineyard
  202.    27. Don't eat produce from which the priest's tithes have not been separated
  203.    28. Don't drink wine poured as libation to idol

    Section III - Laws of Slaying Animals for Food [5 Mitzvot]

  204.     1. Slay an animal in prescribed way before eating it
  205.     2. Don't slay a beast and its offspring on the same day
  206.     3. Cover the blood of a wild beast or fowl
  207.     4. Don't take the mother bird from its young
  208.     5. Release the mother bird if you did take her


    Oaths, vows, Nazirite restrictions, and devotion of property to the Sanctuary.

    4 Sections, 25 Mitzvot

    Section I - Law of Oaths [5 Mitzvot]

  209.     1. Don't swear by G-d's name falsely
  210.     2. Don't swear by G-d's name in vain
  211.     3. Don't deny claim to an article left in trust
  212.     4. Don't swear in denial of a money claim
  213.     5. Swear by His Name when truth must be affirmed

    Section II - Law of Vows [3 Mitzvot]

  214.     1. Fulfill what you have uttered as a vow
  215.     2. Don't break your vow or oath
  216.     3. That the vow shall be annulled under certain circumstances

    Section III - Laws of the Nazir [10 Mitzvot]

  217.     1. Let your hair- of a Nazir - grow long
  218.     2. Don't cut off your hair while you are a Nazir
  219.     3. Don't drink wine, wine mixtures or wine vinegar
  220.     4. Don't eat fresh grapes
  221.     5. Don't eat raisins
  222.     6. Don't eat kernels of grapes
  223.     7. Don't eat skins of grapes
  224.     8. Don't enter a house where there is a dead body
  225.     9. Don't defile yourself by contact with dead
  226.    10. Shave off your hair when bringing your sacrifices

    Section IV - Laws of Appraisal of Things Devoted to the Sanctuary [7 Mitzvot]

  227.     1. Carry out appraisal of human beings according to Torah laws
  228.     2. Carry out appraisal of devoted animals according to Torah laws
  229.     3. Carry out appraisal of dwellings devoted according to Torah laws
  230.     4. Carry out appraisal of devoted fields according to Torah laws
  231.     5. Carry out law of one who devoted his property
  232.     6. Don't sell what was thus devoted
  233.     7. Don't redeem what was thus devoted


    The crossing of seeds, cattle and materials, laws of charity and tithing, and laws regarding the sabbatical and jubilee years.

    7 Sections, 67 Mitzvot

    Section I - Laws concerning the Sowing of Diverse seeds together [5 Mitzvot]

  234.     1. Don't sow diverse seeds together
  235.     2. Don't sow seeds of grains or greens in a vineyard
  236.     3. Don't crossbreed cattle of diverse species
  237.     4. Don't work with cattle of diverse species together
  238.     5. Don't wear garments woven of diverse species (wool and linen)

    Section II - Laws of Gifts to the Poor [13 Mitzvot]

  239.     1. Leave an unreaped corner of the field
  240.     2. Don't reap this corner
  241.     3. Leave the gleanings
  242.     4. Don't gather the gleanings
  243.     5. Leave gleanings in the vineyard
  244.     6. Don't gather the gleanings in the vineyard
  245.     7. Leave the tiny clusters of the vineyard
  246.     8. Don't gather the tiny clusters of the vineyard
  247.     9. Leave the forgotten sheaf
  248.    10. Don't turn back to take the forgotten sheaf
  249.    11. Set aside tithe for the poor
  250.    12. Give charity according to your means
  251.    13. Don't harden your heart towards the poor

    Section III - Law of Trumah [8 Mitzvot]

  252.     1. Set aside the Trumah (for the priest)
  253.     2. Set aside (the Levite) the Trumah from the Ma'aser
  254.     3. Don't set aside the Trumah Ma'aser tithes out of order
  255.     4. Don't - a non-priest - eat Trumah
  256.     5. Don't - a non-pries - eat Trumah even if he is his Hebrew bondsman
  257.     6. Don't - an uncircumcised priest - eat Trumah
  258.     7. Don't - an unclean priest - eat Trumah
  259.     8. Don't - a Chalalah - eat Trumah or from sacrificial portions

    Section IV - Laws of Tithes [1 Mitzvah]

  260.     1. Set aside the first tithe of the produce every year and give it to the Levites

    Section V - Laws of Second Tithes and Fruit of Fourth Year from Planting [9 Mitzvot]

  261.     1. Set aside a second tithe
  262.     2. Don't spend the redemption money on anything but food, drink, ointment
  263.     3. Don't eat the second tithe while unclean
  264.     4. Don't eat it as Onan (first day following death of relative)
  265.     5. Don't eat second tithe of grain outside of Jerusalem
  266.     6. Don't eat second tithe of vintage outside of Jerusalem
  267.     7. Don't eat second tithe of oil outside of Jerusalem
  268.     8. Eat the fruits of the Fourth Year in Jerusalem
  269.     9. Recite the confession of tithes in 4th and 7th years

    Section VI - Laws of First Fruits and other gifts to Priests beyond the Sanctuary [9 Mitzvot]

  270.     1. Set aside first fruits and bring to Sanctuary
  271.     2. Don't - Priests - eat first fruits outside Jerusalem
  272.     3. Read a declaration when presenting first fruits
  273.     4. Set apart a gift from dough for the priest
  274.     5. Give shoulder, two cheeks and stomach of slaughtered animal to the priest
  275.     6. Give to the priest the first fleece
  276.     7. Redeem the first born (if a son) and give redemption money to the priest
  277.     8. Redeem first born of an ass by giving lamb to priest
  278.     9. Behead firstborn of ass if refuses to redeem it

    Section VII - Laws of Sabbatical Year and Year of Jubilee [22 Mitzvot]

  279.     1. See that land rests in Sabbatical Year
  280.     2. Don't do agricultural work that year
  281.     3. Don't do arboricultural work that year (trees)
  282.     4. Don't cut, in regular fashion, the aftermath that grows by itself
  283.     5. Don't gather fruit of untended trees
  284.     6. Leave what the land produces free to all
  285.     7. Release all loans
  286.     8. Don't press debtor
  287.     9. Don't refrain from making loans before the Sabbatical year
  288.    10. Count (Sanhedrin) the years by sevens
  289.    11. Declare (Sanhedrin) the fiftieth year holy
  290.    12. Sound the Shofar on the 10th of Tishrei
  291.    13. Don't till the soil in that year
  292.    14. Don't cut, in regular fashion, the aftermath which grows by itself
  293.    15. Don't gather the fruits of the untended trees that year
  294.    16. Carry out redemption of sold fields that year
  295.    17. Don't cause the land to be sold in perpetuity
  296.    18. Carry out law concerning houses in walled cities
  297.    19. Don't give Tribe of Levi regular portion of land
  298.    20. Don't let Tribe of Levi share in spoils of war
  299.    21. Give Levites cities and their suburbs to dwell in
  300.    22. Don't cause the houses and suburbs of their cities to be sold in perpetuity


    The Sanctuary, how it is to be built, who serves in it and the nature of the service.

    9 Sections, 103 Mitzvot

    Section I - Laws Concerning the Sanctuary [6 Mitzvot]

  301.     1. Erect a Sanctuary
  302.     2. Don't build altar of hewn stones
  303.     3. Don't ascend the altar with stairs
  304.     4. Show reverence for the Sanctuary
  305.     5. Keep a guard about the Sanctuary
  306.     6. Don't leave the Sanctuary unguarded

    Section II - Laws which deal with the Vessels in the Sanctuary and those who serve in it [14 Mitzvot]

  307.     1. Prepare the oil of anointment
  308.     2. Don't make this same oil for secular use
  309.     3. Don't anoint a human with it
  310.     4. Don't prepare spice mixture like Sanctuary incense
  311.     5. Don't offer anything but incense on the Golden Altar
  312.     6. Bear the Ark on the shoulder during transport
  313.     7. Don't remove staves from Ark
  314.     8. Serve (The Levites) in the Sanctuary
  315.     9. Don't (Priests and Levites) do the work of another in the Sanctuary
  316.    10. Consecrate the priest for the service
  317.    11. See that all priestly divisions share equally in service and sacrifices on festivals
  318.    12. Put on priestly vestments for the service
  319.    13. Don't rend the priestly vestments
  320.    14. Don't loose the breast plate from the Ephod

    Section III - Laws Concerning Admission into the Sanctuary [15 Mitzvot]

  321.     1. Don't (Priest) enter Sanctuary while intoxicated
  322.     2. Don't (Priest) enter with over-long hair
  323.     3. Don't (Priest) enter with torn garments
  324.     4. Don't enter the innermost Sanctuary at all times
  325.     5. Don't leave the Sanctuary during service
  326.     6. Send the ritually unclean out of the Sanctuary
  327.     7. Don't (unclean man) enter the Sanctuary
  328.     8. Don't (unclean man) enter the Temple Mount
  329.     9. Don't (unclean Priest) participate in the service
  330.    10. Don't (unclean Priest) participate even after immersion until sundown
  331.    11. Sanctify your hands and feet by washing before serving in Sanctuary
  332.    12. Don't (a person with a physical blemish) enter the Sanctuary nor approach the Altar
  333.    13. Don't (a person with a passing physical blemish) take part in the service
  334.    14. Don't (a person with a passing physical blemish) take part in the service
  335.    15. Don't (a stranger not descended from Aaron) take part in the service

    Section IV - Laws Concerning Restrictions in regard to Sacrifices on the Altar [14 Mitzvot]

  336.     1. Offer only unblemished cattle
  337.     2. Don't consecrate a blemished animal for the Altar
  338.     3. Don't slaughter it for the Altar
  339.     4. Don't sprinkle its blood on Altar
  340.     5. Don't burn its fat on Altar
  341.     6. Don't offer an animal with a passing blemish
  342.     7. Don't inflict a blemish on cattle consecrated for Altar
  343.     8. Don't inflict a blemish on cattle consecrated for Altar
  344.     9. Redeem cattle consecrated for Altar and subsequently disqualified
  345.    10. Offer an animal as sacrifice only from its eighth day on
  346.    11. Don't offer as sacrifice the hire of the harlot or "price of the dog"
  347.    12. Don't burn on the Altar leaven of honey
  348.    13. Salt all sacrifices
  349.    14. Don't omit seasoning all sacrifices with salt

    Section V - Laws Concerning the Procedure of Sacrifices [23 Mitzvot]

  350.     1. In offering Burnt Offering observe the procedure prescribed in Torah
  351.     2. Don't eat flesh of Burnt Offerings
  352.     3. Observe procedure of Sin Offering
  353.     4. Don't eat flesh of innermost Sin Offering
  354.     5. Don't divide asunder the fowl brought as a Sin Offering
  355.     6. Observe procedure of the Trespass Offering
  356.     7. Eat (the priests) the flesh of the holiest sacrifices within the Sanctuary
  357.     8. Don't eat them outside the Courtyard of the Sanctuary
  358.     9. Don't (a stranger) eat any portion of the holiest sacrifices
  359.    10. Observe the procedure of the Peace Offering
  360.    11. Don't eat the flesh of the offerings before their blood has been sprinkled (on the Altar)
  361.    12. In offering a meal offering observe the procedure prescribed in Torah
  362.    13. Don't put oil in a Sin Offering
  363.    14. Don't put frankincense on it
  364.    15. Don't eat the meal offering of a priest
  365.    16. Don't bake a leavened meal offering
  366.    17. Eat (the priests) the rest of meal offering after handful offered on Altar
  367.    18. Fulfill all your vows and bring your free-will offering on the first Festival following the vow
  368.    19. Don't delay in fulfilling your vows or offerings
  369.    20. Offer all Sacrifices in the chosen Sanctuary
  370.    21. Bring all hallowed things from abroad to the chosen Sanctuary
  371.    22. Don't slaughter sacrifices outside the Sanctuary Courtyard
  372.    23. Don't offer up a sacrifice outside the Sanctuary Courtyard

    Section VI - Laws Concerning the Daily Offerings and Additional Offerings [19 Mitzvot]

  373.     1. Offer daily two lambs as Burnt Offerings
  374.     2. Kindle the fire upon the Altar daily
  375.     3. Don't extinguish it
  376.     4. Remove the ashes daily
  377.     5. Burn incense daily
  378.     6. Light lamps of Menorah daily
  379.     7. Offer (the High Priest) a Meal Offering daily
  380.     8. Offer an additional two lambs as Burnt Offerings on the Sabbath
  381.     9. Prepare the show-bread
  382.    10. Offer the Additional Sacrifices of Rosh Chodesh (New Moon)
  383.    11. Offer the Additional Sacrifices of Passover
  384.    12. Offer the Omer as a wave offering
  385.    13. Count (everyone) seven weeks from when Omer brought
  386.    14. Offer Additional Sacrifice on the Feast of Shavuos
  387.    15. Bring two loaves of bread in addition to sacrifices on Feast of Shavuos
  388.    16. Offer Additional Sacrifices for Rashi Hashana
  389.    17. Offer Additional offering on Yom Kippur
  390.    18. Offer Additional Sacrifices on the Feast of Succos
  391.    19. Offer Additional Sacrifices on the Feast of Shmini Atzeres

    Section VII - Laws Concerning Sacrifices that Have Become Unfit [8 Mitzvot]

  392.     1. Don't eat offerings that have become unfit or blemished
  393.     2. Don't eat of an offering that is pigul (improper thought of priest during offering)
  394.     3. Don't leave the offerings beyond time for consumption
  395.     4. Don't eat what has been left over
  396.     5. Don't eat sacrifices that have become unclean
  397.     6. Don't eat sacrifices if you are unclean
  398.     7. Burn that which has been left over
  399.     8. Burn that which is unclean

    Section VIII - Laws Concerning the Sanctuary Service on Yom Kippur [1 Mitzvah]

  400.     1. Do the entire order of Yom Kippur Service

    Section IX - Laws Concerning Misuse of Sacred Property [3 Mitzvot]

  401.     1. The one guilty of misuse shall pay the value of what he has taken, add a fifth and bring an offering
  402.     2. Don't work with cattle set apart for sacrifice
  403.     3. Don't shear the fleece of such cattle


    The sacrifices brought on holidays and as atonement for sins.

    6 Sections, 39 mitzvos

    Section I - Laws of the Paschal Offering [16 Mitzvot]

  404.     1. Slaughter Paschal Offering at appointed time (14 Nissan)
  405.     2. Don't slaughter it until leaven is removed from home
  406.     3. Don't let fat remain unoffered overnight
  407.     4. Slaughter the Second Paschal Offering (14 Iyar)
  408.     5. Eat flesh of Paschal Offering with herbs and Matzah on the eve of Passover
  409.     6. Eat flesh of Second Paschal offering on the eve of 15 Iyar
  410.     7. Don't eat it half-broiled or broiled
  411.     8. Don't take the flesh of the Paschal Offering outside the place of assembly of the company
  412.     9. Don't eat of the Paschal lamb if you are an apostate
  413.    10. Don't allow it to be eaten even by a non-Jew who has left idolatry and been circumcised
  414.    11. Don't eat of it if you are uncircumcised
  415.    12. Don't break a bone of it
  416.    13. Don't break a bone of the Second Paschal Offering
  417.    14. Don't leave any till morning
  418.    15. Don't leave any of the Second Paschal Offering till morning
  419.    16. Don't leave flesh of the Festival Offering of the 14th day of Nissan to the 3rd day

    Section II - Laws Concerning the Celebration of the Festival [6 Mitzvot]

  420.     1. Appear before the L-rd (with a Burnt Offering) three times a year
  421.     2. Celebrate the three festivals (with Peace Offerings)
  422.     3. Rejoice on the festivals (with Peace Offerings)
  423.     4. Don't appear before the L-rd empty handed on these Festivals
  424.     5. Don't neglect to bring joy to the Levite and give him due gifts on the Holiday
  425.     6. Assemble the people on the Feast of Succos following the Sabbatical Year

    Section III - Laws of the first Born [5 Mitzvot]

  426.     1. Set apart the first born of cattle
  427.     2. Don't eat an unblemished first born outside of Jerusalem
  428.     3. Don't redeem the first born (of clean cattle)
  429.     4. Set apart tithe of the young of the clean cattle
  430.     5. Don't redeem tithe of cattle

    Section IV - Laws Concerning Offerings Brought for Transgressions Committed in Error [5 Mitzvot]

  431.     1. One who sinned shall bring a definite Sin Offering
  432.     2. One who is uncertain of sinning shall bring a Trespass Offering (and a Sin Offering upon ascertainment)
  433.     3. For certain specified transgressions the sinner shall bring a Trespass Offering
  434.     4. For other specified transgressions he shall bring an offering according to his means
  435.     5. The Sanhedrin shall bring an offering if they erred in giving a decision of a serious transgression

    Section V - Laws Concerning Unclean Ones who Have to Bring Sacrifices as an Atonement [4 Mitzvot]

  436.     1. A woman who has a running issue shall bring an offering when she becomes clean
  437.     2. A woman after child-birth shall bring an offering when she is clean
  438.     3. A man who has a running issue shall bring an offering after he is clean
  439.     4. A leper shall bring an offering after he becomes clean

    Section VI - Laws Concerning Substitution of Sacrifices [3 Mitzvot]

  440.     1. Don't substitute another beast for one set apart for Sacrifice
  441.     2. If a substitute is made, the new beast must also be holy
  442.     3. Don't switch things that are consecrated from one category to another


    All the causes of defilement and the requirements for purification.

    8 Sections, 20 Mitzvot

    Section I - Laws Concerning Defilement by a Dead Body [1 Mitzvah]

  443.     1. Carry out laws of defilement by the dead

    Section II - Laws Concerning the Red Heifer [2 Mitzvot]

  444.     1. Carry out laws concerning the Red Heifer
  445.     2. Carry out laws concerning the uncleanliness of waters of sprinkling and the manner in which they must be used for purification

    Section III - Laws Concerning the Uncleanliness of Leprosy [8 Mitzvot]

  446.     1. Carry out the law of leprosy of a man according the Torah rules
  447.     2. Don't cut away marks pointing to uncleanliness
  448.     3. Don't shave the scall (leprosy of head or beard)
  449.     4. A leper shall rend his garments, allow his hair to go loose and cover his lips
  450.     5. Carry out prescribed rules for cleansing of leprosy
  451.     6. A leper shall shave all his hair when he becomes clean
  452.     7. Carry out the law of leprosy of a garment
  453.     8. Carry out the law of leprosy of a house

    Section IV - Laws Concerning Defilement of a Couch or Seat [4 Mitzvot]

  454.     1. Carry out the law of defilement of a menstruous woman
  455.     2. Carry out the law of defilement of a woman after childbirth
  456.     3. Carry out the law of defilement of a woman with a running issue
  457.     4. Carry out the law of defilement of a man with a running issue

    Section V - Laws of Other Original Sources of Defilement [3 Mitzvot]

  458.     1. Carry out the law of defilement of that beast which died of itself
  459.     2. Carry out the law of defilement of creeping things]
  460.     3. Carry out the law of defilement of seminal issue

    Section VI - Laws of Defilement of Food [1 Mitzvah]

  461.     1. Carry out laws relating to defilement of food and drink

    Section VII - Laws Concerning Ritual Baths [1 Mitzvah]

  462.     1. Every unclean person should immerse himself in a ritual bath in order to become clean


    The laws of compensation for damages and theft, returning lost property, murder, and the preservation of life.

    5 Sections, 36 Mitzvot

    Section I - Laws Concerning Damages to Property [4 Mitzvot]

  463.     1. Carry out law concerning the goring ox
  464.     2. Carry out law concerning trespass cattle
  465.     3. Carry out law concerning damages by a pit
  466.     4. Carry out law concerning damages by fire

    Section II - Laws Concerning Theft [7 Mitzvot]

  467.     1. Don't steal anything of pecuniary value
  468.     2. Carry out law concerning the thief (his obligations)
  469.     3. Ensure correct scales and weights
  470.     4. Don't commit injustice in respect to measures and weights
  471.     5. Don't have in your possession a double standard of weights or measures
  472.     6. Don't remove a landmark (to rob property)
  473.     7. Don't kidnap

    Section III - Laws Concerning Robbery and Concerning Things Lost [7 Mitzvot]

  474.     1. Don't rob
  475.     2. Don't withhold wages or debt owed
  476.     3. Don't covet (and take action for acquiring)
  477.     4. Don't desire another's possessions
  478.     5. Restore what has been robbed
  479.     6. Don't pass by a lost object to ignore it
  480.     7. Restore lost property

    Section IV - Laws Concerning One Who Commits an Injury to Person or Property [1 Mitzvah]

  481.     1. Carry out laws of personal or property damage

    Section V - Laws Concerning Murder and the Preservation of Human Life [17 Mitzvot]

  482.     1. Don't commit murder
  483.     2. Don't accept ransom for life of the murderer
  484.     3. Exile an accidental murderer
  485.     4. Don't accept ransom from him
  486.     5. Don't kill the murderer before trying him
  487.     6. Save the pursued at the cost of the life of the pursuer
  488.     7. Don't show pity for the pursuer
  489.     8. Don't stand idly by when you can save a life
  490.     9. Set aside cities of refuge for those who commit accidental homicide
  491.    10. Break the neck of the calf by the river (in ritual following unsolved murder)
  492.    11. Don't till by that river or sow there
  493.    12. Don't cause loss of human life (through negligence)
  494.    13. Build a parapet (in roof of house)
  495.    14. Don't mislead with advice which is a stumbling block
  496.    15. Help a man remove the load from his beast which can no longer carry it
  497.    16. Help him load his beast
  498.    17. Don't leave him in a state of confusion and go on your way


    Commercial transactions, neighbors, and bondage.

    5 Sections, 18 Mitzvot

    Section I - Laws of Sale [18 Mitzvot]

  499.     1. Carry out law of purchase and sale
  500.     2. Don't do wrong in buying and selling
  501.     3. Don't do wrong with words - like reminding a repentant man of his sins
  502.     4. Don't wrong a proselyte in regard to his possessions
  503.     5. Don't wrong him with words

    Section II - Laws of Acquisition of Derelict Property and Gifts

    (Laws in regard to one who acquires derelict property and by what methods one acquires title to such property; and laws in regard to donor of gifts and recipient and kind of gift which reverts to original owner and which doesn't)

    Section III - Laws of Neighbors

    (Laws of partnership divisions and removal of potential nuisances to neighbors)

    Section IV - Laws of Agents and Partners

    (Laws of agency and partnership regarding their transactions, profits and losses)

    Section V - Laws of Bondmen [13 Mitzvot]

  504.     1. Carry out the laws of the acquisition of a Hebrew bondman
  505.     2. Don't sell his as a slave is sold
  506.     3. Don't force him to work rigorously
  507.     4. Don't allow a non-Jew to work him with rigor
  508.     5. Don't force him to do the menial work of a slave
  509.     6. Bestow upon him a liberal gift when he goes free
  510.     7. Don't send him away empty-handed
  511.     8. Redeem a Hebrew bondwoman
  512.     9. Espouse her (the master or his son)
  513.    10. Don't sell her if you don't espouse her
  514.    11. Keep a Canaanite slave in perpetual bondage (except if master injured his limbs)
  515.    12. Don't surrender a slave who fled from outside of Israel to Israel
  516.    13. Don't wrong such a slave


    Labor relations, renting and borrowing, and inheritance.

    Section I - Laws of Hiring [7 Mitzvot]

  517.     1. Carry out law of the man who rents and the depository for hire
  518.     2. Pay the hired wage the same day
  519.     3. Don't delay the wage after it is due
  520.     4. That the hired man may eat of agricultural produce at which he works
  521.     5. Don't eat from unsevered produce until work is completed
  522.     6. Don't take with you anything you don't consume
  523.     7. Don't muzzle an ox (or cattle) while it is doing agricultural work

    Section II - Laws Concerning Borrowing an Article and Deposit [2 Mitzvot]

  524.     1. Carry out the law appertaining to a borrower
  525.     2. Carry out the law concerning a gratuitous depository

    Section III - Laws Concerning Creditor and Debtor [12 Mitzvot]

  526.     1. Lend to the poor and needy
  527.     2. Don't press him for payment he doesn't have
  528.     3. Press the idolater
  529.     4. Don't (the creditor) take a pledge by force
  530.     5. Return the pledge to its owner when he is in need of it
  531.     6. Don't be tardy in returning it to him
  532.     7. Don't exact a pledge from a widow
  533.     8. Don't take utensils used in preparing food
  534.     9. Don't (the lender) give a loan at usury
  535.    10. Don't (the borrower) take a loan at usury
  536.    11. Don't act as intermediary in a loan at usury
  537.    12. Borrow from, and lend to an idolater at usury

    Section IV - Laws of Plaintiff and Defendant [1 Mitzvah]

  538.     1. Carry out laws of claims, admissions and denials

    Section V - Laws of Inheritance [1 Mitzvah]

  539.     1. Carry out law regarding order of inheritance


    The judicial system, rabbinic and parental authority, mourning, kings, and wars.

    5 Sections, 74 Mitzvot

    Section I - Laws Concerning the Sanhedrin and the penalties within Their Jurisdiction [30 Mitzvot]

  540.     1. Appoint judges
  541.     2. Don't appoint a judge who does not know judicial procedure
  542.     3. Rule according to the majority (when judges differ)
  543.     4. Don't execute the accused if there is only a bare majority for conviction (a majority of two necessary)
  544.     5. Don't (in capital cases) present argument for conviction if you have presented a plea for acquittal
  545.     6. Put to death by stoning
  546.     7. Put to death be burning
  547.     8. Put to death by decapitation with sword
  548.     9. Put to death by strangling
  549.    10. Hang (those stoned for blasphemy or idolatry)
  550.    11. Bury the body on day of execution
  551.    12. Don't let the body remain overnight
  552.    13. Don't allow a sorcerer to live
  553.    14. Punish the wicked with stripes (for certain sins)
  554.    15. Don't exceed the number of (39) stripes in the Torah
  555.    16. Don't put the innocent to death on presumptuous testimony
  556.    17. Don't punish one who committed sin under duress
  557.    18. Don't show pity for one who slays another
  558.    19. Don't show compassion at a trial to a person who is poor
  559.    20. Don[t show respect at a trial to a great man
  560.    21. Don't decide the cause of a habitual transgressor unjustly
  561.    22. Don't pervert judgment
  562.    23. Don't pervert the judgment of a stranger or an orphan
  563.    24. Judge righteously
  564.    25. Don't be afraid at a trial of a man who is violent
  565.    26. Don't take a bribe
  566.    27. Don't receive a one-sided report
  567.    28. Don't curse judges
  568.    29. Don't curse prince (of state or Torah)
  569.    30. Don't curse any Jew who leads a worthy life

    Section II - Laws of Testimony [8 Mitzvot]

  570.     1. Testify in court if you are in possession of evidence
  571.     2. Carefully interrogate the witnesses
  572.     3. Don't (in a capital case) act as a judge if you have given evidence
  573.     4. Don't make any ruling based on the testimony of only one witness
  574.     5. Don't accept a transgressor's testimony
  575.     6. Don't accept a relative's testimony
  576.     7. Don't testify falsely
  577.     8. Do unto an exposed false witness as he has plotted to do to accused

    Section III - Laws Concerning the Rebellious [9 Mitzvot]

  578.     1. Act in accordance with the law of the Torah as the High Court declares it
  579.     2. Don't depart from rulings of this Court
  580.     3. Don't add to the Torah (Written Law or Oral interpretation)
  581.     4. Don't detract from the precepts
  582.     5. Don't curse your father or mother
  583.     6. Don't strike you father or mother
  584.     7. Honor your father and mother
  585.     8. Revere your father and mother
  586.     9. Don't rebel against the order of your father or mother

    Section IV - Laws or Mourning [4 Mitzvot]

  587.     1. Mourn relatives (even Priest defiles himself for relatives)
  588.     2. Don't (High Priest) defile yourself through contact with deceased, even relatives
  589.     3. Don't (any Priest) be under same roof as deceased forbidden for contact
  590.     4. Don't (Ordinary Priest) defile yourself for anyone except relatives

    Section V - Laws of Sovereigns and their Wars [23 Mitzvot]

  591.     1. Appoint a King
  592.     2. Don't appoint proselyte as king
  593.     3. Don't (King) have too many wives
  594.     4. Don't have too many horses
  595.     5. Don't have too much gold and silver
  596.     6. Destroy seven Canaanite nations
  597.     7. Don't let any one to them live
  598.     8. Blot out seed of Amalek
  599.     9. Remember what Amalek did to us
  600.    10. Don't forget his evil deeds
  601.    11. Don't reside permanently in Egypt
  602.    12. Offer terms of peace to inhabitants of besieged city
  603.    13. Don't offer peace to Ammon and Moab
  604.    14. Don't destroy fruit trees even during siege
  605.    15. Prepare place outside camp where soldiers can relieve themselves
  606.    16. Prepare a shovel to dig with
  607.    17. Anoint priest to speak to men in wartime
  608.    18. If a man takes a wife, builds a building, plants a vineyard - he should be deferred from service one year
  609.    19. Don't draft them for any purpose
  610.    20. Don't panic and retreat in battle
  611.    21. Act according to law of beautiful women taken captive in war
  612.    22. Don't sell this captive into slavery
  613.    23. Don't retain her in servitude after having relations with her


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