Daf Yomi

For the week ending 13 November 2010 / 5 Kislev 5771

Zevachim 2 - 8

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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  • Sacrifice slaughtered without proper intention
  • A get divorce document written for the wrong woman
  • A chattat sacrifice slaughtered with intention for an olah or for no sacrificial purpose
  • The source for requiring the proper intention in regard to sacrificial services
  • Which sacrifice can be offered after death of its owner
  • The atonement achieved by the replacement sacrifice
  • The difference between individual and communal sacrifices in regard to intention
  • Atonement for failure to perform a positive command
  • Sacrifice offered with intention for one who is not its owner

The Missing Sage

  • Zevachim 2b

"What a shame that you were not together with us last night in the techum of Bei Charmoch when the Sage Rava posed such a wonderful problem and solved it."

This is what the Sage Ravina said to Rabbi Papa in reporting a revelation made by Rava concerning the offering of sacrifices without specifically designating their purpose.

Similar expressions of regret that a particular Sage was missing during an important discussion are found in two other places.

Rabbi Chisda made the same comment to the Sage Rami bar Chma (Bava Kama 20a) when he missed out on a discussion of the law regarding one who resides in the home of another without his permission.

Rabbi Nachman said the same to Rabbi Huna (Bava Batra 51a) about his absence when there was a discussion regarding a man's sale of property to this wife.

Rashi in Bava Kama offers two explanations of what is meant by the term techum used in these statements. One is that the Beit Midrash where the discussion took place was beyond the techum (area) in which a Jew may walk from his town on Shabbat. Rashbam in Bava Batra elaborates that the places of Torah study were located at a particular point in the techum Shabbat to make them accessible to the surrounding communities.

The second explanation, which is also the approach of the Sefer Ha'aruch, is that the term techum refers to the Beit Midrash, which is the area of Torah study, and that the absence of the Sage was not necessarily due to any Shabbat restriction.

What the Sages Say

"The olah sacrifice is the gift of one who has failed to fulfill a positive command for his atonement has already been achieved with his repentance."

  • The Sage Rava - Zevachim 7b

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