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Ohr Somayach

In 1972 a group of young and experienced educators from the United States, founded Yeshivat Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem. Deeply troubled by the vast number of Jews who were growing up with little or no knowledge of their unique heritage, these dedicated scholars sought to refasten the bonds of knowledge that untie Jews across time and space. They knew that the beauty and truth of Torah study that has united and inspired Jews throughout the ages would rekindle the interest and excitement of a generation of lost souls, who grew up in a material Western culture without any knowledge of their heritage.

They created a school to stimulate bright young minds with the collected wisdom of three thousand years, in a format geared for students of contemporary higher education. From modest origins - an unheated, rented room, with no dining facilities - blossomed an institution for the intellectually sophisticated newcomer to Jewish thought and learning, teaching the age-old philosophy of the Jewish people, brought forward into today's turbulent world.

In 1977, with the building expertise, financial support and guiding hand of Mr. Joseph Tanenbaum, zt'l, of Toronto, the Yeshiva built its large and beautiful new campus at its present location in the Maalot Dafne neighborhood of Jerusalem.

For more than four decades Ohr Somayach has been bridging not only the generations, but the nations of the world as well. It has launched over twenty schools and programs in Israel and the Diaspora and has operated outreach operations in more than a dozen cities on five continents. Through the Ohr LaGolah Program of the Hertz Institute, we have trained hundreds of educators, spiritual leaders and outreach experts serving communities throughout the world who are ensuring that there will be Jewish continuity.

Today, the Yeshiva itself has over 400 full-time students and hundreds more participating in short-term programs. We also run seminars throughout the world attracting thousands of participants every year. Its highly professional staff includes former professors at major universities and the best and brightest talmidei chachomim.

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Educational Departments of Ohr Somayach

Glassman Jewish Learning Exchange (JLE)

A two week summer and winter program. Combining extensive touring of Israel (both on and off the beaten track) and classes by our highly acclaimed staff concentrating on what it means to be Jewish.


The renowned introductory program of Ohr Somayach is geared for college age/young adults and is multi-leveled and combines classes on Jewish philosophy, Torah text and Jewish living with hands-on Talmud learning. With both short and long term learning options available, students can join at any time.


jInternship is a unique opportunity to develop Jewish identity and knowledge (in the Mechina program) together with exciting work experience in top Israeli business, high tech, and social services

The Center for Torah Studies

A one year program for college graduates or students who are committed to mitzvah observance and are seeking a deeper understanding of Judaism and have a strong will to become independent in textual understanding before returning to their career or general studies.

Derech Institute

A one year program for post-high school students who are committed to mitzvah observance and are interested in becoming independent in Talmud skills and dealing with basic issues of Judaism.

Intermediate Beis Midrash

For graduates of the Mechina program or for new students who are committed to observance of mitzvos and are interested in increasing their learning skills.


A customised Yeshiva year for the South African & Australian post high school students.

Main Beis Midrash

For graduates of the Intermediate, Derech and Center Programs or for new advanced students who are seriously committed to growth in learning and Judaism.

Executive Renewal Program

Take time for yourself and come learn in Jerusalem. The Executive Renewal Program is for busy achievers and is available with a men's and women's program.

Mentor Missions

A program designed for business executives and professionals to mentor JLE students in Israel and when they return to their respective universities.

Ohr Lagolah Hertz Institute for International Teacher Training

A two year Kollel and leadership training program for advanced students who either have rabbinic ordination, are candidates for semicha or are advanced students who want to receive a teaching degree granted by the State of Israel Ministry of Education, or who wish to go into professional outreach work.

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