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 Adult Circumcision
       Circumcision for an Adult
 Circumcision by Doctor
       Doctor, Circumcision
 Circumcision Going Wrong
 Doctors, Use of
 Sasson (joy), Spelling in Megillah
       Megillah, Spelling of Sasson
 Kiss the Mezuzah
       Mezuzah, Kissing
 Intravenous, Using While Fasting
       Yom Kippur Fast, Using Intravenous
       Fasting, Using Intravenous
 Son Feels Guilty
 Operation, Medical, Gone Wrong
 Psychiatrists, Relating Lashon Harah to
       Lashon Harah, Relating to Clinical Therapy
       Clinical Therapy, Relating Lashon Harah
 Yom Kippur, Not Fasting Because of Health
       Fasting, Illness
       Fasting, Purpose
       Diabetes, Fasting of Yom Kippur
 Numbers, Meaning
 Doctors, Receiving Free Gifts From Pharmaceutical Companies
       Bribes, Free Gifts to Drum Up Business
 Pregnancy, Yom Kippur, Fasting
       Yom Kippur, Fasting, Pregnancy
       Fasting, Yom Kippur, Pregnancy
 Wine, Importance & Symbolism
 Discouraging Converts
       Requirements for Conversion to Judaism
       Noahide Laws
       Conversion Process
 Miracles in the Bible, Believing
       Biblical Miracles, Believing
       Belief in Biblical Miracles
 Bracha on a Comet
       Comet, Bracha
 Shabbat, Inviting a guest that is not Shomer Shabbat
       Inviting a non-Shomer Shabbat Guest
 Bracha, Man vs Woman
       Man, Bracha in morning
       Woman, Bracha in morning
 Who Discovered Immunization?
 Large Families, Having
       Birth Control, Permitted?
       Brith Control

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