Ohr Somayach Student Center

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Tens of thousands of Jews throughout the world have been reconnected in the past two decades to their Jewish roots through Ohr Somayach - Tanenbaum College's educational and outreach programs in Israel and on five continents. Some 600 full-time students and over a thousand part time transient students study at the central campus in Jerusalem. Thousands more participate in seminars, lectures and classes at a dozen centers in major Jewish communities in Israel, North America, South America, England, South Africa and the Ukraine.

Tens of thousands more can be given this same opportunity if there were facilities to house and teach the large numbers interested in short-term programs. After extensive research and experimentation with its world-famous Jewish Learning Exchange programs, Ohr Somayach has embarked on a bold new project to develop a Student Center in Jerusalem.

A wide range of social and educational activities and workshops at the Student Center will give young people from around the world an opportunity to learn in depth the history of the city and to experience its unique nature.

The Student Center will be located on Jerusalem Highway One, between the area designated by municipal planners as the site of tourist hotels and traditional Jerusalem neighborhoods. This unique location assures a proper blend of atmosphere conducive to the realization of the objectives of the Student Center.

The total size of the six inter-connected buildings of the Student Center will be 9,000 square meters, with an option to expand to 11,000 square meters. The Student Center, upon completion of its five stages of development will accommodate over 5000 students annually.

Ohr Somayach International is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation (letter on file) and your donation is tax deductable.