How to Beat Depression – Parshat Miketz

How do you take the wisdom of happiness into the despair of depression? Happiness and depression are like two worlds that have absolutely no point of communication. Based on Parshat Miketz, Rabbi Sinclair suggests a way on lightening the days when everything seems black. Please click below to see additional formats:

Pesach to Shavuot: Counting & Rising to Greatness

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Love Letter – Parshat Eikev

The Torah isn’t just knowledge; it isn’t just holy; the Torah is G-d’s love letter to the world Please click below to see additional formats:

All In: Parshat Beshalach

How can we understand the curious command Moses gives to the Israelites just before the parting of the sea?

Leaving Our Comfort Zone – Elul

One of the most difficult things in this world is to change. To become more than we are. To realize our true potential. We don't want to change. We'd rather sit by the pool and watch the water-lilies float-to-and-fro. Any true change is painful. The Hebrew month of Elul is the time that demands from us to leave our comfort zone and realize our true spiritual potential.