Building With Tears

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This Tisha B'Av, gain inspiration from the comfort of your own home!

Building with tears is an Ohr Somayach Jerusalem production. Hear from leading rabbonim across the globe as they take you on a journey from the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash to Building with Tears.

Bonus! Follow Kinnos live with Rav Yitzchak Breitowitz in Ohr Somayach Jerusalem (Recording will be available for people tuning in from other countries)

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Why We Weep

The eyes of the world are fixed upon the Jewish people. We have competed with the greatest empires in history. Where are they and where are we? We appear in the headlines of all forms of news media, and we are on the lips of world leaders daily. Like it or not, We are relevant.

Ohr Somayach presents four of the worlds greatest Jewish thinkers in our generation, Rabbi Nota Schiller, Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz, Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottleib, and Rabbi Lipa Geldwerth who explain why our eyes, filled with tears, are fixed upon Jerusalem and ask, "Why We Weep".

Kinnos With Rabbi Breitowitz


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Rav Nachson Schiller