For the week ending 4 February 2012 / 10 Shevat 5772

R' Eli Lob


Graduated Ohr Lagolah in 2010

Working in Chinuch and Kiruv in Savanna, Georgia

R' Eli Lob is Youth Director of Savanna’s 400-member Orthodox shul. He heads Savannah’s NCSY and studies mornings in Savannah's four-member kollel.

In his “spare time” he teaches a Daf Yomi class, a Chumash shiur, shares the weekly Torah reading, writes for his shul bulletin, is a trustee on the Chevra Kadisha, and kashers kitchens of people becoming more observant.

"People are moving in the right direction here," says Rabbi Lob.

He also teaches Judaism to Jewish teens in a male Catholic military school. (His students are exempt from Catholicism class.) Students’ favorite topic: All aspects of interpersonal relationships.

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