Pesach Mission 2012 - Dead Sea, Israel

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Passover in Israel

Be prepared for the most meaningful and enjoyable Pesach experience!
For the entire family!

Rav Yitzchak Breitowitz
Smicha from Ner Yisrael, JD from Harvard, former Professor of Law &
Congregational Rabbi in Silver Spring, MD.

Ohr Somayach Pesach Mission 5772
At The Leonardo Hotel - The Dead Sea, Israel.

Join us this Pesach at The Leonardo Hotel in the Dead Sea for a Yom Tov filled with Torah and kedusha. Travel with us all over the Land of Israel. Learn Torah and be inspired by our world-class lecturers and teachers.

The Ohr Somayach Pesach Mission is a complete package. Every day enjoy a full schedule of inspiring shiurim, sumptuous meals and exciting programs and events.

Last year the Ohr Somayach Pesach Mission was booked by February with guests from around the world.

Don’t be disappointed. Make your reservations early!

  • Luxurious spacious accomodations with stunning view.
  • Outstanding cuisine with the Mehadrin Hechsher of Rav S. Bornstein
  • Guided tours on Chol Hamoed to exciting destinations
  • Live professional entertainment for adults & children every night of Chol Hamoed
  • Separate swimming entire day
  • Half-board. Full-board Shabbos & Chag.
  • Spa on international standards including fully equipped fitness room, sulfur baths and wet and dry saunas
  • Kids 18 and under full board

For full information and rates contact: Rabbi Saul Mandel
Email: Phone: +972-52-384-8095

Make all checks payable to Ohr Somayach Toronto


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