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 Shmena Esrei, making up a forgotten
 Prayer for Dead Pets
       Pet, Prayer on Death, Kaddish
       Kaddish for Pet
 Hands, Shaking, Men & Women
       Women & Men Shaking Hands
       Men & Women Shaking Hands
       Shaking Hands, Men & Women
 Man, Bracha in morning
       Bracha, Man vs Woman
       Woman, Bracha in morning
 Candle, Yahrzeit
       Yahrzeit Candle
 Davening, In a Plane
       Sitting, Davening While
       Plane, Davening in a
       Praying, While Sitting in a Plane
 Shul, Getting Involved
 Prayer, Saying while Exercising
       Exercising while Praying
       Nordic Track, Praying while Exercising
 Yarmulke, Obligation / Monetary Loss
       Monetary Loss, Yarmulke
       Kipah, Obligation / Monetary Loss
       Head Covering, Men, Obligation / Monetary Loss
 Prayer in the Twilight Zone
 Kissing the Torah
       Touching the Torah
       Torah, Touching & Kissing
 Stolen Charity, Obligation to Replace
       Charity, Stolen, Obligation to Replace
 G-D's Image
 Chanukah Candles & International Date Line (Part 2)
 100 Brachas per Day, Why?
       One Hundre Brachas per Day, Why?
       Brachas, Why 100 per Day?
 Transfusions, Blood
       Blood Transfusions
 Embarrassment Caused by Asking Someone for Forgiveness
       Forgiveness, Embarrassing to Ask For
 Good, Everything God Does & Prayer
       Prayer, Changing God's Mind
 Heart, Saying Verses by
       Pasuk, Saying by Memory
       Quoting from Chumash Without Reading
 Rosh Hashanah, Brief Description
 Pinkie, Pointing at Torah
       Torah, Pointing, Pinkie
 Bathroom, Brachah Afterwards
       Toilet, Brachah Afterwards

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