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 Parshat Hashavua - Why can't we get our acts together?
 Suicide at Masada
       Masada, Suicide
 Chosen People, Last Choice
       Last People Offered the Torah
 Sick, Praying and Learning in the Merit of
       Praying in the Merit of the Sick
       Learning in the Merit of the Sick
 Kotel, Dimensions
       Wailing Wall, Dimensions
       G-d, Appearance
       Western Wall, Dimensions
 Nephilim, Definition
 Kosher, Desire to Eat Non-
       Pork, Desire to Eat
 Kosher, Locusts
 Tallit, Writing around Neck
 News Jews
 Brachas, Why 100 per Day?
       100 Brachas per Day, Why?
       One Hundre Brachas per Day, Why?
 Son Feels Guilty
 Kosher Fats & Butter
       Forbidden Fats
       Butter, Kosher?
       Animal Fats, Kosher?
 Soap in the Talmud
       Cleaning the Priestly Clothing
       Cleansers in the Talmud
       Priestly Clothing, Cleaning
 Revealed Heads, Aramaic Idiom
       Uncovered Heads in Biblical Times
 Operation, Medical, Gone Wrong
 Spain, Staying out
 Kosher Animals, Wearing Pictures of Non-
       Animals, Non-kosher, Wearing Pictures of
 Eye for an Eye, Explanation of
 Amen, Meaning and Origin
 Matrilineal Descent
       Patrilineal Descent
 Wool & Linen, Wearing Together
       Linen & Wool, Wearing Together
       Shatnez, Wearing
 King David's Sin of Counting Jews

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