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 Surrogate Mother, Cow for Pig Fetus
       Pig Fetus in Cow
       Cow, Surrogate Mother for Pig Fetus
       Lag B'Omer, Colored Eggs
       Purim, Colored Eggs
 Observance, Maintaining in Secular Academic Environment
       Secular Environment, Maintaining Observance
       Studying Torah, Constant Need for
       University, Maintaining Observance
       Torah Study, Constant Need for
       Academic Evironment, Maintaining Observance
 Jew, Word, Origin
       Races, Origin
 Questioning Suspects
       Detectives Questioning Suspects
 Kosher Food, Spiritual Effects
       Pregnancy, Sensitivity to Spiritual Environment
       Parenthood, Preparing for
       Fetus, Sensitivity to Spiritual Environment
 Electricity, Wasting on Shabbat
       Shabbat, Wasting Electricity
       Conserving Energy Vs. Shabbat
 Dead Bodies, Unclean / Impure
 Forty, The Number
       40, The Number
       Soul, Parts of
       Spirit, Parts of
 Unclean, Death
       Impure, Death
       Sleep, Tumah/Impurity
       Tumah, Death
 Clothing, Removing Two Garments at Once
       Removing Two Garments at Once
       Garments, Removing Two at Once
 Jealousy, Spiritual
       Spiritual Contentment & Jealousy
       Content Spiritually
 National Holiday, Rosh Hashanah?
       Rosh Hashanah, National Holiday?
 Moshe, Why not Punished for Two-hand Bracha
 Staying Up All Night, Shavuos
       Sleeping, Not, Shavuos Night
       Shavuos, Staying Up All Night
 Fasting, Illness
       Fasting, Purpose
       Yom Kippur, Not Fasting Because of Health
       Diabetes, Fasting of Yom Kippur

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