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 Upfsherin (Cutting a 3-Year Old's Hair)
 Saving a Life, Obligation
       God Testing People
       Tests from God
       Israel, Safety
 Amidah, Ma'ariv
       Ma'ariv, Amidah
       Amidah, Small Print
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       Y'hi Ratzon, Small Print
 Cohanim, Birchas, Mr. Spock and
       Star Trek, Mr. Spock
       Mr. Spock & Star Trek
 Mitzvah, Adding, Rabbinic
       Adding a Mitzvah, Rabbinic
       Bal Tosif (Adding a Mitzvah), Rabbinic
       Chanukah, Lighting on the NINTH night?
 Magog and Gog, War of
       War of Gog and Magog
       Gog and Magog, War of
       Succot, Signifigance
 Mitzvos, Partial Observance
       Observance, Partial
       Partial Observance
 Observance, Partial
       Partial Observance
       Hypocrasy in Partial Observance
 Archeology & Exodus from Egypt
       Exodus, Proof/Disproof
       Egypt, Jews in
 Prayer in the Twilight Zone
 Milk Products, Kosher
       Rennet, Kosher
       Slaughtering, Kosher
       Animals, Kosher
       Kosher Animals
       Cheese, Kosher
       Kosher, Reasons For
       Dairy, Kosher
       Kosher, Laws
 Sinai, Proof it Happened
       Torah, Proof of Truth
       Truth of Torah
       Historical Verification of The Torah

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