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 Acting In Questionable Play
       Play, Acting in Questionable
 Omer, Playing Music for Pay
       Sefirat HaOmer, Playing Music for Pay
       Music, During Omer for Pay
 Dreidle, Origin
       Chanukah, Dreidel, Origin
 Kosher, Stocks in Companies That Deal in Food That is Not
       McDonalds, Stock in
       Stocks in Companies That Deal in Nonkosher Food
       Nonkosher Food, Stocks in Companies That Deal in
       Passover, Chametz, Stocks in Companies That Deal in,
       Chametz, On Passover, Stocks in Companies That Deal in,
 Shabbat, playing Monopoly on
       Shabbat, playing Chess on
       Chess, playing on Shabbat
       Scrabble, playing on Shabbat
       Monopoly, playing on Shabbat
       Shabbat, playing Scrabble on
 Zodiac, Unsolicited Information
       Astrology, Unsolicited Information
 Lottery, playing, Follow-up
 God, Loving
       Torah Study, Loving God
       Love God
 Family and Shabbat, Travelling by Car
       Shabbat and Family, Travelling by Car
       Travelling to Visit Family on Shabbat
 Hava Nagilah, Origin & Meaning
 Na'ar, Definition
 Bat Mitzvah, Procedure
 Bathroom, Wearing Tallis in a
 Revolutionary War, American, Jewish Support
       Dollar Bill, USA - Jewish Symbolism
       Hyam Salomon
       American Revolutionary War, Jewish Support
       Great Seal of the United States - Jewish Symbolism
       Salomon, Hyam
 Lottery, playing
 Reuven, Trying to save Yosef
       Yosef, Saved in Pit by Reuven
 Television, Shabbos, Watching on
       Shabbos, Television
       Entertaining Children on Shabbos
       Shabbos, Entertaining Children on
       Watching Television on Shabbos
       Children, Entertaining on Shabbos

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