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Record for:David Olesker
First Name: David
Last Name: Olesker
First Name at O.S:
Spouse's Name: Ita (weinshink)
Street Adress: Pob 2534
City: Jerusalem
Zip Code: 91024
Country: Israel
Home Phone: 972-2-651-2610
Fax: 972-2-652-4968
Office Phone:
Office Fax:
Dates at O.S.: 1982 - 1986
Comments: "Some of you may recall me as a ""key"" figure at OS between 1983 - 85. I was the one in charge of room assignments! Others may recall workshops I presented on anti-Israel propaganda. Well, I'm still in the Israel advocacy business running workshops in Israel and abroad. I'm also doing freelance technical righting to help put challah on the table. I learn three nights a week with Rav Merrill, and am happy to remain associated with the OS family. My own family (bli ayin hora) is now up to five kids."
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