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Derech Institute for Torah Studies

Special Features

  • LIMITED ENROLLMENT for highly motivated students.
  • SMALL CLASSES and individual attention with a low student teacher ratio.
  • SPECIAL FOLLOW UP of the student after he has left the Institute. This will include frequent visits from Rabbis and special Shabbatonim and lectures.
  • TUTORS who are post college professionals at advanced levels in Torah studies who have taken off time to learn before starting graduate school in law, medicine, science and the humanities. In addition to their ability to communicate their own experiences, they will serve as ideal role models for students taking off a year before beginning university.
  • A CAMPUS offering full dormitory facilities and services. The dormitory is fully supervised by mature, hand picked counselors. The dining room serves three meals daily including Shabbat and Yomim Tovim. The dormitories and kitchen remain open during the semester break, including Pesach.
  • HEBREW - A daily ulpan (Hebrew class) will teach both Biblical and conversational Hebrew.
  • SPORTS - Organized physical activity, including an indoor basketball court, and participation in the inter-Yeshiva league.
  • GUEST LECTURES by Torah scholars, political leaders and scientists; meetings with distinguished visitors compliment the basic curriculum.
  • E-MAIL facilities on campus enable a student to obtain his own e-mail account.
  • SPECIAL SESSIONS to enable students to synthesize their Jewish identity in the university and secular world.
  • THE STUDENT LOUNGE which adjoins the English Judaica lending library with its extensive collection of Torah literature and audio cassettes. Leadership Training Sessions will offer workshops led by Rabbinic and lay leaders for developing the necessary skills students need for their future role as responsible Jewish leaders.

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