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Love of Eretz Israel

In addition to imparting to our students a love for learning, we also believe that it is essential to instill in them a strong love and appreciation for the Land of Israel. With this idea in mind, we have created a unique curriculum. The students will be taught Navi/Jewish History by one of the world's foremost Jewish historians, Rabbi Berel Wein. In conjunction with this we will take the students on guided tours to the places which they have just learned about.

Thus, our students will gain a deeper understanding of Israel and its place in Jewish history.

Along with the "Biblical Tours," we will also have tours which offer an opportunity to appreciate past and present life in Israel.

Tour highlights will include:
The scenic Jordan Valley, swimming in Tiberias, feeling the holy mysticism of Ancient Tzefat, walking in the Old Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem (including the Kotel Tunnel Tour), climbing Masada, visiting an authentic Bedouin camp (and riding camels), hiking and swimming at Ein Gedi, visiting Yad Vashem (Israel's holocaust museum), crawling through the Bar Kochba caves, etc.

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