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Goals for the Year

For your breakthrough in Talmud
A daily in-depth Talmud shiur in small classroom settings. This will teach you vocabulary, reading skills and textual analysis, as well as providing you with background information and an introduction to the fascinating world of classical Talmudic commentaries of all periods.

A daily shiur in Mishnah will expose you to broad sections of the Talmud and arm you with information as you cover several major mesechtot of Mishnah, along with  the essence of the Gemara related to them.

Studying together with a chavruta (partner) from your own class who will share with you the effort and joys of preparation and review.

For your growth in Chumash
An in-depth daily shiur in Chumash with Rashi.
An introduction to such classic commentaries as Ramban and Sforno, and such contemporary ones as Malbim and S.R. Hirsch.

For your development in Jewish thought
Participation in classes of Jewish philosophy and morality.

For your understanding of Jewish Law
A daily shiur in the texts and concepts of classic Halachic works from Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, to Mishnah Berurah, and an examination of contemporary publications on a wide range of Jewish Law.

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